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74.000 .eu-domeinnamen on hold

Ik berichtte al eerder over het feit dat een aantal domeinnamen van Ovidio “ON HOLD” stonden. Vandaag kregen we een nieuwsbericht in de mailbox van EURid waarin ze de vermoedens bevestigen. Zo’n 74000 domeinnamen zijn geblokkeerd wegens “breach of contract”. Het heeft EURid wel anderhalve maand gekost om tot dezelfde conclusie te komen als de registrars op 7 juni, maar er komt toch nog iets van.

Het nieuwsbericht:

EURid, the non profit organisation operating the Internet top level domain .eu, has suspended 74 000 .eu domain names and has sued 400 registrars for breach of contract. This move was prompted by abusive behavior from a syndicate of registrars who have systematically acquired domain names with the obvious intent of selling them. In the domain name business this is called warehousing and is not permitted.


“In this case we are convinced that the domain name holders of the 74 000 .eu names (Ovidio Ltd, Fausto Ltd and Gabino Ltd) are acting as a front for a number of registrars. The domain name holders and the registrars can be regarded as one and the same. Since registrars should only register domain names for existing customers and not “warehouse” the names in order to resell them at a higher price, this is clearly in breach of the registrar contract,” says Herman Sobrie, Legal Manager of EURid.


Within the limits of the EC regulations (733/2002 & 874/2004,) EURid strives to maintain .eu as an attractive top level domain for Europeans who want to convey a European Identity on the Internet. When the system is abused there is a risk that the perceived value of .eu will decrease, not only for the almost two million legitimate holders of .eu domain names but also for all fair registrars. That is why EURid wants to act firmly against any improper behavior regarding .eu domain names.


As means of quality control, EURid constantly monitors the registrations of .eu domain names in order to make sure all holders of .eu domain names are based in the EU zone, as required by to the Public Policy Rules for .eu. Similarly, EURid verifies that all accredited registrars are acting in the best interest of the end user in accordance with their contract with EURid.


A handful of .eu domain names have already been suspended as their holders have not been able to show that they are based within the EU.


The outcome of the suspended domain names now awaits a court decision. EURid would later like to make the names available for registration again.

Dit bericht staat intussen ook op de website van EURid.

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